Updating Apollo apps to AIR

I have a couple of Apollo apps that I built with the alpha and I am trying to update them to the beta, but I am having some problems. The biggest one is that you can’t simply update the application because I get an error saying that you can’t update from a different publisher. But the publisher tag in the app.xml file from the alpha is not valid in the beta. So are we forced to uninstall our alpha apps before we can install the beta versions?

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ToDo List Apollo App

I finally got my first Apollo App to a point where I want to share it. It was also my first Flex project as well so the code might not be all that great or sloppy. There is a link at the end of the post to download the source as well. If you see that I am doing something that I shouldn’t be doing, by all means let me know. I know there are a couple of hacks in there to fix some weird things that I encountered. Overall my experience developing for Apollo was pretty good. I am looking forward to Apollo growing up and becoming a full release.

Fuel To Do Apollo App

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